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Folly and The Mermaid

The first two books in the 'Avonstow' series are now available to buy. You can either order Folly here and The Mermaid here or you can message me via the contact button to order a signed copy.



Avonstow is at war, but it’s a friendly invasion that forces deeply held secrets to emerge. The arrival of the Australian engineers upsets the equilibrium of the wartime village, while the commander of the village’s naval base is convinced a spy is lurking in their midst. The consequences are far greater than anyone might have imagined.



Ellie Whitemore travels to Avonstow after her great-uncle’s body is discovered on the salt marshes near the town. She sets about unravelling her family’s past and finds that their fortunes are inextricably linked with those of the town itself. But there is always a price to pay when secrets are unearthed.


World War Two.
Headstrong. Impetuous. Brave. Frankie has been called all of them. Her loved ones are doing their bit for the war effort and she is determined not to be left behind. Then she meets Mac and everything changes.
But war has a habit of interfering with the best-laid plans and Frankie finds herself caught in a dangerous game where the stakes are high.

There are secrets in Hannah’s life that she cannot bring herself to share with anyone, but no matter how deeply they are buried, they always find a way to resurface.
Avonstow is united in trying to save their Lido from closure, but will Hannah find her place in the quiet community or will she once again have to run from the mistakes of her past?
As Frankie begins to share the untold story of her wartime exploits, there are lessons Hannah can learn.

But perhaps some things are best left alone.

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