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30 Books in 30 Days - Day 12: A "popular" book you hate

I want to like Wuthering Heights, I really do and I have tried! I first read it as a teenager and loathed it. A few years ago, it was suggested to me that perhaps I hadn't really 'got' it because of my age, so I tried again, hoping desperately that I would see some of the magic that everyone else seems to find in it. But nope. If anything, I hated it even more. It's beautifully written, it's set not too far from where I used to live in a location I love, I've enjoyed other Brontë books (albeit by different sisters) - there is no logical reason why I should have taken such a dislike to it.

I think, it's the characters that are the problem. I just don't like them. Largely, their problems are self-inflicted and I lost patience with the brooding and the stubbornness. Plus, it's not a 'happily ever after' kind of book and perhaps because real life isn't like that, I like my fiction to be that way inclined.

So whilst I can appreciate it for its literary value and certainly have no issue with its status as one of the 'must read' books on most lists of that nature, it just isn't for me, much as I long to be convinced otherwise!

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