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After extensive research into the business of writing and after talking to both traditionally published authors and those who published their own work, I decided that I quite liked the idea of having complete creative control over my own work. I could choose which editors I worked with, which cover designers to use and which genres I wanted to write in. However, I obviously wanted my output to be professional and it was important to me that no matter which name I was writing under, all my books could be traced back to me. Using pseudonyms is not because I want to hide that I've written the books, it's about helping me (and the people who read my books) keep it clear which kind of book I'm writing.

As a result - CastlePriory Press was born. Fortunately, I didn't have to do it alone. My fellow author, Makarelle editor and most importantly, friend, Jane Langan agreed to launch the company with me. 

We want to help other authors who would like to self-publish, but don't necessarily have the skills to do it alone and our long-term aim is to form our own 'conglomeration' of authors. If you would like more information about our publishing company, head over to

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