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Lilibet the Lobster
ISBN: 978-1915970053

Lilibet the Lobster has a special name and she knows she has to live up to it. She lives at the Thames Estuary Lobster Hatchery alongside her friend, Larry and they have a very important job to do. They are part of the team helping to teach the people of Essex all about the creatures who live in the sea. They get lots of visitors and they're always very excited to see children coming through the doors because they know there is lots of fun in store for everyone!


Everyone in Brightlingsea knows Max. Now, Henrietta Edwards and Lucy Weaver have joined forces to bring you the first book to feature Max and his adventures.

Max loves to meet new people, but what exactly does he get up to on his daily missions?
And what happens when one day, he goes missing?

This is the first in a new series of books starring Max and his friends.



Scroll down to see the books currently available.

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Everyone knows the stories of Robin Hood and King Arthur.

Everyone knows they’re just legends.

But what if everyone is wrong?

While Sam, Henry and Arthur think they’re going to spend their summer holiday with Uncle Alan, their adventurous relative has other plans. The Silver Arrow has gone missing, and Robin has been kidnapped.

The race is on to find the arrow and rescue Robin, before others beat them to it. Who can be trusted? One wrong move and disaster is sure to follow!

This series is perfect for fans of Susan Cooper's 'The Dark Is Rising' series.

Signed copies now available to pre-order here (UK only)

£7 + postage



Scroll down to see the books currently available.


ISBN-13: 978-1499525564

Gianni has dreams of drowning, but they are not dreams, they're memories; but are they his memories? Long hidden family secrets and lies wait to be exposed, but will he get the chance to do it, or will he be silenced before he is able to discover the truth about what happened? A novella suitable for age 14+

'Til Death Us Do Part

ISBN-13: 978-1499551471

A boy goes missing in a quiet Yorkshire village. The community is devastated but his disappearance hides a deeper, dark secret that the villagers do not want to talk about. His friends are determined to discover the truth about what has happened to him, but who can they trust? Age 14+

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