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Short Stories Just For You

Most of the shorter fiction that I write either goes into Makarelle or is submitted to other magazines or competitions, but just occasionally, I write something that is just for my own website. This is the place to find those pieces.

  • Jess and Jamie - an audio recording of an experimental piece of writing I did for the MA. Trigger warning - domestic violence

  • 'The King Is Dead' - this was a piece I wrote on a writing retreat from the prompt 'the king is dead'. It's a twist on a fairytale-style story but could also be read as a historical piece.

As well as working on the 90th anniversary anthology, I am also writing a series of my own while I’m in the Lido Café. The series is set in the fictional (although it may seem very familiar!) town of Avonstow, on the North Essex coast. 


This is a little insight into Olivia's mind, as we don't get to hear directly from her in the novel. It's the first Christmas for her and Tom and Tom's present isn't quite what she's expecting.​

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