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I was born in Saltaire, West Yorkshire but grew up in Cleveleys, Lancashire. I graduated from Exeter University in 2000 and qualified as a Religious Studies teacher in 2001. Having met my husband at university, we got married and moved to the South East - him to do his MA and me to start my teaching career.  

I worked full time as a teacher, writing odd bits here and there whenever I found the time, in between the job, the dogs, the husband and the small boy who was added to our family in 2005.

In 2014 I gave up teaching to become a full time writer, but after a few months, life decided it had other plans for me and I went back to running around after another small boy. At the same time, we moved to the Essex coast and started building our family life in a new town.  

The only writing I was doing at this point, was a travelogue style Facebook page, run on behalf of our youngest son, which kept friends, family and a few strangers abreast of all the weird and wonderful things he was getting up to. When the littlest member of the family started pre-school, it was time for me to dust off the fountain pen and notebooks and start writing again. I decided to study for an MA in Creative Writing with the Open University and in December I graduated with a merit. 

Since then I've finished the novel I started during the first year of the course and am now looking for an agent to represent that. I have also completed the first draft of a second novel and am now doing a Novel In A Year course to work on the third.

As of November 2019, I am Writer in Residence at Brightlingsea Lido and Lido Cafe.

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