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A New Name

When I first set up this website and its accompanying blog, it was basically because I was told to. I had no idea what I was going to write about and even less idea whether anyone would be interested in reading what I wrote. I knew it would be something to do with the literary arts, but everything I read and all the research I did said that I needed to pick something specific to focus on. I'll be honest - I don't have that kind of brain. I'm interested in lots of things, none of which I feel expert enough in to write a whole blog about. I've always said that I'd be great at the general knowledge round on Mastermind, but I'd be the contestant who only scored 1 or 2 on their supposed 'expert' round.

It didn't help that I also couldn't think of a particular aspect of writing or literature that I felt more passionate about than any other. Putting my musings out there for other people to read, also added an extra level of stress to my quest for a topic. Once I'd found whatever this mythical 'passion' was, would I be able to write blog posts that would be interesting to more people than just me?

In the end, I decided to to just leave it as 'blog' and give myself some time to figure it out.

Over the last eighteen months I've come to the realisation that the answer to the question 'What aspects of writing and literature am I passionate about?' is 'All of it' and that's exactly what the blog has turned out to be. Book reviews, news about what I'm doing in my own writing life and musings on the process of writing, the role it plays in my life and my life in general.

So.... the name was born

Muse, News & Reviews is now the title of my blog. (Yes, I know it's not grammatically correct. No, I don't care. It's a little ambiguous and it rhymes!)

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