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Postcard Twenty-Five: John O' Groats

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Well I finally made it to the furthest point! Technically, I did it a few days ago, but life has got in the way of me actually getting the blog written up and posted. So much has changed since I started this challenge back in September - I've helped to start a magazine and we're now preparing for the publication of our second issue, I've finished one novel, written a second one and done 70,000 words of the third. I've also home schooled the 5yo for two months and read a LOT of books. I'm not rushing into another walking challenge, although I do have some ideas about how to tie another one into reading. Having just exchanged on our holiday flat, the next few weeks are going to be full of super speedy trips down to Cornwall as I try to get it ready for when we go down as a family in July. I suspect there's not going to be much time for reading, writing or walking while that's going on!

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