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What's it all about?

In deciding to write a blog about writing, I came across the age old problem: what exactly am I going to write about? All the advice I read suggested finding a particular topic or theme that you were interested in and then write about that. All well and good, but what if, like me, there isn't that one topic or theme that grabs your attention? In the end I decided to stick to the old adage of 'write what you know' - in my case, a little bit about lots of different things. I'll be posting about any aspect of writing that I come across on my MA and find interesting enough to explore further. I'll be talking about books - any genre, any audience - in fact, anything that I've read and feel a desire to comment on. I might talk about some of the struggles of writing, or the challenges I face on the MA.

Equally, if any of you reading this have an idea you'd like me to write a blog post on, feel free to drop me a line via the email address on the Contact page and I'll have a think about whether it's something I feel able to write about.

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