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2022 Review of Books 3/12

This has been a very lean month for reading. There are two reasons for this: the first is that I've been incredibly busy with both the day job and the writing, the second is because I've been getting various craft projects together ready for my stall at the upcoming Robin of Sherwood convention. However, it has made me realise that this isn't necessarily a bad thing - I certainly eat less when I'm crafting than I do when I'm reading!

One thing I've also acknowledged this month is how much I rely on books as a distraction technique when life starts throwing things my way. I lost three days of one week because my youngest and I both tested positive for Covid. The pounding headaches that came with it meant that I found it very difficult to concentrate for any length of time and this meant that reading was problematic. It really brought home to me that I needed to find something I could use as a substitute that didn't require quite as much concentration. I ended up designing more of my cross stitch figures - only for my son's benefit as he wanted some Horrible Histories ones - and putting them onto t-shirts for him. I then designed some for myself from BBC's Ghosts series. Even when I'm not on top form, it seems that creativity provides an outlet for me! More importantly, I have a VERY happy 6yo!

Books read this month: 9

Annual total: 46

As we're now 1/4 of the way through the year, it's time for the first update in how the 'reduce my TBR pile' challenge is going.

Kindle Unlimited List: 0

On Wish List and Available From The Library: 80

Not in Library/On bookshelf/On kindle already: too many to count but approx 90

Approximate Total: 170 books (down from 198 on 1st January)


Coming Of Age

The Ophelia Girls – Jane Healey (This was an impulse read that I saw advertised and thought it sounded interesting. It was quite a gentle read on the surface but developed darker undertones as the story progressed. It was interesting but was definitely more firmly in the ‘literary’ category than I’d expected.)

Historical Fiction

The Rose Code – Kate Quinn (Book group choice. Had me hooked almost from the start. Didn’t realise until the end that I’d read another of her books ‘The Huntress’ which was also superb. If you like historical thrillers, this is a definite recommendation.)

The Woman With The Map (full review of this was published on my blog here.)

Children/YA Fiction

Mollie Mack, Private Detective – Linda Dobinson (full review was published on my blog here.)

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephenie Meyer (an interesting peek into the life of one of the minor, but still striking characters in the Twilight series. Also interesting from the point of view that it shows how much the author’s writing developed over the course of writing the series.)


Enchanted Britain – Marc Alexander (Had this on my TBR pile for years and so glad I finally got around to reading it. Not only was it very interesting, but it was also useful in prompting ideas for Books 2 and 3 in my Courts series – always a welcome bonus when reading something for pleasure! If you have any interest at all in the mythology of the British Isles, this is a definite recommendation.)


A Royal Affair – Verity Bright (most recent Lady Eleanor Swift. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Develops the relationship between Ellie and the Inspector, although the situations they end up in are becoming increasingly perilous!)


Mansfield Park and Ride – Evan Symmonds (This was much darker than I was expecting it to be. It sounds like a rom-com. It’s really really not. It was an interesting concept, but the title and the plot didn’t really gel.)

Children's Non-Fiction

History For Kids: Incan Empire: History of the Incan Empire and Civilisation – Dinobibi (got this to see if I could find out anything more about Pachacuti for Arthur. I did! I didn’t know he was responsible for building Machu Picchu and it made me realise that my concept of dates when it comes to Inca, Maya and Aztec is hazy at best! Definitely more reading required in this area.)

Book Of The Month?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was The Rose Code. It was everything a good thriller should be and it had some history and romance thrown in as well. What more could I ask for?

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