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2022 Review of Books 5/12

I've really struggled to find the motivation to read this month - partly because I found a couple of the books heavy going, partly because I was so busy doing other things and partly because I was listening to books rather than reading them. I can manage this in the car with a proper audiobook, but using the text to talk on Kindle wasn't always the most engaging experience. It took me ages to work out that in one book it was reading the footnote numbers to me and in another, it was telling me where the full stops were!

Next month is not going to be any easier because work has kicked in and this is the time of year where I usually go into hibernation for a few weeks until the end of the school year, so the reviews are going to be fairly lean pickings I think!

Books read this month: 4

Annual total: 57



Dear Little Corpses - Nicola Upson (thoroughly enjoyed the latest instalment of the Josephine Tey books. Would definitely recommend. Full review can be found here.)


The Battles of King Arthur - Tony Sullivan (listened on audio. Not for the casual King Arthur fan, but an interesting read and I definitely learned something! Full review can be found here.)


The French Baker's War - Michael Whatling (book group pick. listened on audio. Interesting concept but a bit hit and miss for me. Some bits had me wanting to read more, but as other reviewers have noted, some of the characters' actions didn't make sense in the context of their behaviour elsewhere in the story.)

Godmersham Park - Gill Hornby (loved it. Full review coming on 23rd June.)

Book of the month?

Godmersham Park without a doubt. Fascinating story, kept me engaged throughout and left me wanting to find out more about the main character.

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