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An A-Z of Lockdown (Part 2)

J is for Jokes. Have you ever had the pleasure of a four year old telling Knock Knock or Why did the X cross the road jokes? If so, then you are well-versed in the pain they cause. Now imagine that multiplied exponentially when they can't tell them all day at pre-school, so they tell them all to you instead! This is when the letter G (see previous post) comes into play! So far, in eight weeks of telling approximately one hundred jokes per day, he has learned one actual joke that he can tell properly. One. Think about that for a moment. It's not even that funny.

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Doctor Who?

That's the name of the TV programme!

K is for Keepsakes. Being stuck at home together has given us opportunities to dust off things we have bought or been given as presents and never got around to using. We've created pictures (including ones to send to grandparents) using a scratch n colour set that was bought for our eldest about seven years ago. We have made bread and cheese from Christmas presents. We've made chilli sauce. We made Easter cards to send to people. As a result, we have lots of lovely memories of doing these things together and a few new decorations as well!

L is for Learning. Not homeschool learning - the fun stuff! I've gone back to my cross stitching and completed a tablecloth I'd been working on for over 2 years. I've learned how to use Fimo clay. My husband has been learning Italian (which I'm hoping means he's planning a trip to Italy in the next couple of years!). Our eldest has been busily scribbling away at a story (or two or three). The youngest has learned how to throw a basketball at the hoop and how to build Lego. The children have also learned exactly what buttons to press to wind up each other and their parents!

M is for Marvel. We've always quite liked the MCU franchise and my husband has been nagging us to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for months, but while everyone else seemed to be binge watching Tiger King, we started our Marvel Movie Marathon. Taking advantage of the launch of Disney + we went back to the beginning and watched every single MCU film (except Hulk and the Spiderman ones as they're not on there!) one a night, over the course of about three weeks. Somehow, even though he didn't watch them with us (being too young at the moment) our enthusiasm for them seems to have transposed itself onto the four year old and he can currently be found running around the house pretending to be Tony Stark/Iron Man. He has roped the fourteen year old in to be Captain America, whilst I switch between Black Widow (if I get my way) and War Machine (if he gets his way) and Dad is Hulk, which he is not impressed by! Two days ago, Iron Man was captured by the bad guys and imprisoned, resulting in the need for Black Widow and Captain America to rescue him, as he'd managed to imprison himself, but then realised he couldn't free himself! Mummy had to take a photo before the rescue though!!

N is for Nothing to Wear. This doesn't apply so much now, as when we are finally allowed back to normal life. At the rate I am eating and drinking, I will be re-emerging from the house wearing the four year old's play tent as it will be the only thing that will still fit!

O is for OMG moments. We've had plenty of these, some good some bad. Bad ones have included the four year old stripping off and streaking through the house for no apparent reason. Good ones have included him suddenly being able to do the ten times table and explaining how to break down big numbers into smaller ones. They have also included the big one getting some fantastic (and for him at least, unexpected) results on his school work.

P is for Pretending. We've done a lot of pretending over the last few weeks. My husband and I have pretended to be the Easter Bunny, as has the four year old. The fourteen year old has pretended to enjoy himself doing the Easter egg hunt and dancing in the conservatory. The four year old has pretended to be Basil Brown and excavate Mound 1 at Sutton Hoo. But most of all, we've been pretending that all of this is normal. We've pretended that we're not all terrified and most of the time, it's worked. We've muddled along quite nicely, until the last two weeks when all the pretending has unravelled, but you know what? We're coping with that too. Our boys are, on the whole, pretty amazing creatures and together, we're coping, with the help of a lot of patience and a lot of alcohol!

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