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New Beginnings and Reading Resolutions

My writing goals for this year are plentiful, but very straightforward. I'm hoping that if I lay them out at the start of the year they will seem more manageable as I start working towards achieving them:

  • Publish 'Folly' (this will be out by February)

  • Publish a collection of short stories (hopefully also out by February)

  • Publish Blythewode (later in the year)

  • Write Book 2 of the Avonstow series

  • Begin Book 2 of The Courts series

  • Publish 2 more books for the Lido (subject to approval)

  • Launch a successful (and first ever) Brightlingsea Literary Festival

  • Begin writing workshops with primary school

  • Continue to develop Writer in Residence role

Taking my cue from my adapted resolution of last year, my reading goals this year are simply to reduce the length of my TBR list, specifically to read all the books I added in 2020 and 2021, as well as keeping up with the Book Group selections and review books for 2023. This equates to:

  • 32 library books

  • 11 books on my kindle

  • 8 books on my shelf

  • 21 books to buy

  • 4 audiobooks

This should allow me plenty of time, not only to complete this challenge, but also to get all the writing done that I have planned for this year. Fingers crossed I stay healthy so I can get it all done!

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