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New Year, New Goals

Again, this year I'm going to split my goals into reading ones and writing based ones. I definitely thrive on the accountability that it gives me and it helps me to keep track of what I'm doing. Life often gets in the way of my vague targets and I suddenly end up realising that I have a ridiculous amount of writing and/or reading to do in a very short space of time. Whilst I recognise that this is part and parcel of any job, I don't want to lose my love of either and the targets I set help to keep me on track throughout the year. We are starting to get more used to being a family who live in three different locations, so I decided January was a good time to try and restore some order to my working life. So, here are my goals for 2024.

Writing Goals

  1. Publish 'The Mermaid' - Book 2 of the Avonstow series

  2. Write Draft 1 of 3rd Avonstow series

  3. Edit Draft 1 of 3rd Avonstow series

  4. Publish 1st book with Castle Priory Press for an independent author

  5. Blog more regularly and have these organised rather than last minute ones

  6. Edit and publish 'The Quest of the Summer King' - Book 2 of 'The Courts' series

  7. Re-release 'The Reign of the Winter King' - Book 1 of 'The Courts' series - with a new cover

  8. Write Draft 1 of 3rd Courts series

Reading Goals

Clear my remaining 2023 TBR pile, which currently consists of:

  • 30 library books

  • 3 kindle books

  • 15 books on my shelf

  • 3 books to buy

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